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  • LSU SPE students attend the 2016 SPE Student Symposium in Houston, TX

  • 2014 Deepwater Technical Symposium

    LSU SPE students visiting the 18th annual Deepwater Technical Symposium in New Orleans, LA

  • ATCE 2012

    LSU SPE visits San Antonio, TX for the annual conference

  • ATCE 2015 Petrobowl Qualifier

    LSU places 3rd at the 2015 Petrobowl Qualifier!

  • 2014 Golf Tournament

  • 2015 Charity Gala Event

    LSU SPE students attend the 19th annual Deepwater Technical Symposium and volunteer at the Charity Gala

  • Shell Robert Training Center

    LSU SPE students visit the Shell Robert Training Center

  • Boys & Girls Club Service Event

    LSU SPE students attend a community service event with the Boys & Girls Club

  • 2015 Golf Tournament